An error has occurred in the WeQR application. What to do?

Around the beginning of November 2015, users of Android devices began to leave messages on social networks and forums about some WeQR error that appears out of nowhere. The problem is that no matter how much the user clicks on the OK button, the error appears again and again, not allowing you to work with the phone and tablet!

What is this mistake?

Honestly, we were not able to find out. No matter how much we look in Russian from foreign forums, no one can understand what it is. Some users say that this is a kind of trojan, others claim that the error occurs exclusively on rooted devices. The last statement is fundamentally wrong, because there are many among the victims and those who have never heard of root rights at all. As for the brands of phones, there is a wide variety here: from noname from Chinese manufacturers to top-end smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S6. In general, at the moment, it’s incomprehensible absolutely nothing.

The error itself looks something like this:

How to fix WeQR Error?

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no ideally working solution. The problem is that getting into the menu to remove this application is impossible. Moreover, it is argued that this is a system application that cannot be deleted without root rights! And it turns out that if you do not have superuser rights on the device, you can’t do anything in any case.

We managed to find one case when the user was still able to get into the phone’s settings, and from there – to the “Applications” section, where he deleted the WeQR application. True, he got to him for a very long time, because every time he had to click on the OK button on the screen of his device. If you can do the same, it will be great. But judging by the reviews, no one else managed to do it.

How to be? Apparently, there are two ways out: a system reset or a device flashing. Both processes clear your device memory. Yes, all applications, audio and video recordings, phone numbers will be deleted. But if you use synchronization with Google or another resource, then you can subsequently restore the same numbers when you enter your login and password from your Google account.

What are we doing?

  • Turn off the device by the standard method – by pressing the Power button. If it doesn’t come out and the ill-fated error still interferes, press the Power button and hold it until the screen goes blank.
  • Now we are trying to boot into the recovery menu. To do this, you usually need to hold down the volume up and Power keys simultaneously.
  • When the device is turned on, remove your finger from the Power key, but continue to hold the volume up button.
  • When the recovery menu is loaded, remove your finger from the volume up button.

In some cases, you need to press the volume down key. You can find out, for example, on form.

Now you need to reset the settings. To do this, navigate the menu using the buttons and select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset or Wipe All Date section. This will destroy all data and return the device to its original form..

This should help. As soon as there is another solution on this issue, we will inform you.