Android Accessibility Suite: what is this program and is it needed?

If you look at the section with applications on your smartphone, you can find so much that you will begin to be surprised, because you do not know even half of the applications that are in the section! One such application may be the Android Accessibility Suite: what it is and why you need it?

In the Play Market for our market, this application is called “Accessibility for Android.” In fact, this is a whole set of applications created to control the device without looking. They are aimed primarily at users who have visual impairments – for example, the same Talk Back program that our site wrote about earlier, allows you to voice the menu items of the smartphone with a single press (double click implies an action).

What else can the Android Accessibility Suite do? A lot of things, here are just a few points:

  • Talk Back feature described above.
  • TalkBack braille keyboard allows you to enter 6-dot characters by tapping the screen.
  • Text scaling.
  • Color contrast.
  • Managing your smartphone using voice commands (Voice Access).
  • Specifying the time to complete an action.
  • Connecting a braille display to a smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Auto subtitle (not all devices support).

In general, an extremely useful application.

How to find it in the device? The fact is that at the time of writing, Android Accessibility Suite is not an application in its typical form, it is a set of applications in the form of a whole section, which you can find in the menu of your Android smartphone under the name “Accessibility”.

As you can see, the section contains a large number of useful functions.

Can I remove Android Accessibility Suite from my phone??

The usual way – no.

Don’t be confused by the “Delete” button in the Play Market – it means uninstalling application updates, but not the application itself.

In the section with applications, we also do not see a button to delete.

Theoretically, the “Accessibility” section can be tried to delete after receiving root rights, but there are no guarantees that the smartphone will not turn into a brick, so we strongly recommend not even trying to remove the Android Accessibility Suite.