Browser: what is it in simple words and why is it needed?

A browser or web browser is software designed primarily for browsing the web. Some browsers support file sharing with FTP servers, viewing the contents of individual files (like jpg, png, mp3, mpeg, etc.), opening documents (for example, PDF format).

The vast majority of browsers available on the market are free. In addition, they may be distributed with some specific software. So, as part of the Windows operating system, you can find Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, and as part of the Android OS, as a rule, the Google Chrome browser (Android is owned by Google).

How to use a browser?

We will show the simplest example, and since our site is dedicated to mobile devices, we will do it on an Android smartphone.

We open the browser. Since our device is Android-based, we’ll launch the Chrome web browser.

For example, you need to find something. Indicate the address of the search engine site in the address bar. Let it be

Click on the search bar..

Indicate the query, say, “what is prc”, then press the “Enter” button.

Before you is the issuance of a search engine that responded to a request. To get to the desired site, click on the name of its page (highlighted in the screenshot below).

The site is open.

On a computer or laptop, you act similarly, adjusted for a large screen, the presence of a keyboard and mouse.

What browsers exist?

Let’s go through popular browsers quickly.

Google chrome

Quite a fresh browser, which in a few years has become the number one in the world. So, according to data from 2017 from various sources, about 60% of users worldwide use it. The main reason for success is the popularity of the Android platform, where it is used in most cases as the default browser.

Yandex browser

Yandex.Browser is based on the Blink engine used in the Chromium open browser. It was first shown in 2012. Very popular in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as some other states.

Firefox (Mozilla)

One of the most famous and popular browsers. In some countries it takes a stable first place, in many others it is in the top 3.


The web browser included with macOS and iOS. Designed by Apple.

Interestingly, at the time of this writing, the Android version does not exist, although for Windows it appeared back in 2007.

How to install a browser on Android?

Nowhere is easier. Open the Play Market app.

In the search, specify the query “browser” (without quotes).

Select an application from the list.

Click on the Install button.

The application will be installed automatically. As soon as this happens, the Open button will appear..

Which browser to install, you decide. We recommend that you install only well-known web browsers..