Chinese smartphone brands

In fact, all smartphones, despite the location of the main office, are released in China. Good – almost everything. Even everyone’s favorite iPhone is also available in China. The reason is simple – production is inexpensive, and besides, it is in China that the factories of most companies that produce the necessary parts for the creation of mobile equipment are concentrated.

China also has its own brands, some of which have become world famous. Today we will tell not only about them, but also about other Chinese brands, which, possibly, in the future will be able to take a leading position in the market.


It is one of the leaders in the production of mobile equipment, it is consistently included in the top 5 and even top 3. The company was founded in 1987..

For us, Huawei is interesting in that it is one of the few Chinese companies that independently sells its smartphones through the official online store under its Honor brand. The prices for products in the online store are extremely competitive, making the demand for equipment very high.

Huawei Honor 5C


Another Chinese company, which was founded in 1984. For the most part, it was known for its laptops, but it occupies a considerable part of the mobile technology market. It produces very high-quality smartphones, and the model line is very wide. Like Huawei, it has its own online store in Russia.

Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo


A relatively new company – it was founded only in August 2010, but in such a short period it was among the top 10 global companies manufacturing mobile equipment. Xiaomi primarily produces smartphones and tablets, but a lot of its storage and other products, including headphones, routers, USB lamps, etc..

Xiaomi MI5


This company was founded in 2003, however, it was originally engaged in music players and only in 2009 switched to smartphones.

In Russia there is an official store of the company.

Meizu Pro 6


As of 2011, ZTE CORPORATION is the second largest telecommunications equipment and mobile phone manufacturer in China. We are known for the company by the numerous smartphones that are sold in our country..

ZTE Blade D6


A company with an unusual name for our person’s ear. Nevertheless, her smartphones enjoy quite good success in the market (primarily because of the low cost), and after all, the company was opened only in 2013.



Founded in 2009, a company that is known to us for its smartphones with great sound. Although, of course, VIVO devices have many other advantages.

Vivo XPlay 5

We presented to you, in our opinion, the most famous and interesting Chinese company, which, as they say, staked out a place for themselves under the sun. Of course, more and more new companies will appear on the market that, possibly, in the future will be able to offer a product that none of the manufacturers have.

How a brand is better?

You can’t say which brand is better – each one is good in its own way. One has more product choices, while the other has better smartphone designs, for example. Therefore, it all depends solely on your own preferences. What to buy, it’s up to you.