Do not close the speaker area on Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Meizu: how to disconnect?

“Do not close the speaker area” is a message that owners of Xiaomi smartphones can see if they accidentally close the top of the screen when the device is woken up. On Huawei, Honor and Meizu, the message is: “Do not close the top of the screen.” But this does not change the essence, since in both cases we are talking about the same.

This is a special protective function aimed at ensuring that the smartphone screen is not accidentally unlocked in a bag or pocket and that the touch buttons are not pressed. In fact, the function is very useful, so we would not recommend disabling it. But if you want, we will help you.

Message on Huawei / Honor screen:

On the Xiaomi screen for older versions of MIUI firmware (on more modern ones it sounds like “Do not close the speaker area”):

As for turning off this function, everything is written on the screen: to turn off you need to press the power button and increase the volume at the same time.

There is another option. In the case of Huawei, you need to go to “Settings”.

Select the “Management” section.

And turn off the “Prevent random operations” function using the switch.

In the case of Xiaomi, go to “Settings”.

Then – “Lock and Protection”.

Tap on the line “Advanced Settings”.

Turn off Pocket Mode.

Video instruction

But, we repeat again, we would not turn off this mode.