Does the phone support MHL: how to find out on your own?

If you want to connect your smartphone to the TV, that is, in order for the picture from the mobile device to be displayed on the TV screen, it is worth using MHL (from the English Mobile High-Definition Link). This is a relatively new technology that combines the functionality of an HDMI interface and a MicroUSB connector. However, it is worth noting that not all smartphones support the MHL function. How to find out if your smartphone has such support?

The most optimal way is to check it yourself. Find the MHL adapter, for example, like this (there are versions for both MicroUSB and USB Type-C):

Take an HDMI cable, one side connect to the adapter, the other to the HDMI connector on the TV.

If the picture is displayed on the TV screen, then MHL is supported by the smartphone. Not displayed? Not supported, everything is logical. But is there a simpler way?

In the Play Market, you can find applications that check whether the device supports Mobile High-Definition Link. How accurate do they work? We can’t say this, but we can show you how to use such an application.

Go to the Play Market.

In the search, indicate that the request is “mhl checker” (without quotes).

Choose your favorite application.

For example, we use the application from The Tree Team. Install.

We launch.

Click on the Check button..

We see a message that our device does not support MHL technology.

Once again we repeat that for greater certainty it is worth using the first method.