Duo: what is this Android program and is it needed?

The Duo application is an integral part of many smartphone firmware based on the Android operating system. It is usually located in the folder with Google applications (the correct name of the application is Google Duo, but it is usually referred to as Duo). What is this application and what is it for?

There is no secret – this is a video chat created by Google primarily for mobile devices, and working not only on Android, but also on iOS. Also works in browser.

It has its own characteristics, including:

  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Knock Knock feature that lets you see who is calling before picking up the handset.
  • Default End-to-end Encryption.
  • Automatically switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  • HD video in 720p quality.

In our example, the application is already built into the firmware.

But if you wish, you can install it manually from the Play Market.

At the first start, you will be asked to read the terms of use with the privacy policy and accept them.

Then you will need to provide access to the camera, microphone and contacts – for the full application.

Immediately after this, you need to specify the phone number for registering the application – as in the case with other instant messengers, here the binding occurs to the phone number.

registration completed successfully.

Do not forget to give the application the right to take photos and videos.

Select from user list.

You will be asked to make a call: voice, video or send a message.

As for the cost of calls, users only pay for the traffic. If this is unlimited Wi-Fi, then you don’t have to pay anything. Well, using Duo is no harder than using any other messenger..