Gboard: what is this Android program and is it needed?

If after the next firmware update you find the Gboard application on your smartphone, do not rush to get scared – this is just the new name for the Google branded keyboard. Why did the company rename it? Apparently, the case is in the corporate style – Google Pay is also abbreviated as GPay..

By the way, if someone has forgotten, we recall that first the Gboard keyboard appeared for iOS devices (the same iPhone) and only a little later was added to the Play Market store for Android devices.

If your smartphone doesn’t have such a keyboard, we recommend installing it as soon as possible – in our opinion, this is generally one of the best keyboards available for smartphones.

How to download Gboard?

We recommend using only the Play Market for this. Open the application.

In the search indicate the name of the application – “gboard” (without quotes).

Click on the “Install” button on the application page.

The application will be downloaded and installed automatically..

Gboard Features

Oh their mass.

For example, support for various topics, including your own.

Continuous input support.

Cool emoji.

Sticker Support.

GIF Support.

And much, much more.

Can I remove Gboard from my Android smartphone??

It depends on whether the application is embedded. If it is built-in, then only updates will be deleted for it, if it was installed by the user, the application will be deleted.

Open Play Market.

In the search bar, enter “gboard” (without quotes).

On the application page, click on the “Delete” button.

If the “Update” button appeared, it means that the application is built-in and cannot be deleted.

The “Install” button indicates that the application has been permanently deleted.

That is, it was set by the user.