Google Pay: what is it and how does it work?

Surely the phrase Google Pay you have heard not once or even twice, but all because this technology is very popular throughout the world. But even those users who use Android smartphones often don’t know what this is about..

Google Pay or GPay (formerly Android Pay) is a mobile electronic payment system developed by Google. Allows you to pay for goods from smartphones, tablets and even smart watches.

What products can I pay with Google Pay? Any! You come to the store, select, for example, fruits, go to the cashier and pay for the goods, leaning your smartphone against the payment terminal and waiting for a sound signal with a notification on the device’s screen. Like this:

For payment, Google Pay uses NFC technology (Near Field Communication – “Near Field Communication”). This is a short-range wireless communication (data is transferred between devices at a distance of only 4 cm). Interestingly, GPay sends the generated virtual account number, and not the basic data on the card that the user has added – this feature allows you to keep the user’s payment data safe.

Regarding the security of the payments themselves, Google Pay uses a biometric authentication system, including a fingerprint scanner or even an iris scanner (if possible). If there are no scanners on the device, the password or PIN code is used. It is noted that when using some bank cards to pay for goods worth up to 1000 rubles using the terminal, it is not necessary to unlock the desktop – it is enough to wake the device from sleep mode (relevant at the time of writing). On the one hand, it’s convenient, on the other hand, the security of a user’s account may be affected if it does not turn off the NFC module and the smartphone falls into the hands of an attacker.

One of the main features of Google Pay is considered convenience. Firstly, there is no need to carry a bank card with you – after adding to the service you can pay for goods with a smartphone as a card. Secondly, you can add a lot of different cards – it turns out a kind of virtual wallet. Finally, Google Pay supports a lot of payment systems: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, etc..

Is it really that simple, the reader will ask? In general – yes, but only after you install GPay on your device and add a card. We will show how to do it..

To install the application, use only the official Play Market app store. Launch it using the desktop icon.

Type “google pay” (without quotes) in the search bar.

Choose the official application from Google (who does not know: Android OS belongs to Google).


And run.

After starting, you will be prompted to enter cards. Click “Payment Method” in the “Payment” tab.

Take a photo of the card, or enter the data from it manually: number, expiration date and security code. You will also be asked to enter a valid phone number for verification..

Then read the terms of use of the issuing bank and, if you agree with them, accept.

In the required order, set the desktop lock using a scanner, password or pin code – the system will prompt you to do this if there is no lock. And if there is, just click OK.

It is necessary to confirm the card data, for which an SMS code will come to the phone number indicated earlier.


To pay for goods, unlock the screen of your smartphone using a scanner or password.

Turn on NFC.

And then attach the device to the payment terminal as shown in the image below.

A notification and a signal will tell you that the payment was successful. Or not – in this case, the smartphone must be attached to the terminal again.

Some users complain about oddities like forcing a PIN code when paying, even if the smartphone’s screen is unlocked. The problem is quite common, but it seems to be related to the device and not the application, since on different smartphones the Google Pay application of the same version can work without failures.