Google Play Market does not work (no connection)

Many users complain that Google Play refuses to work, even if the Internet is connected and sites are loaded in the browser. There are several ways to solve this problem. Details about these methods are in our article..

Check your internet connection

First of all, you need to check your Internet connection. Many users launch the Play Market using the mobile Internet, which may not be used at all at this tariff. Jokes, jokes, and it sometimes helps.

Reboot device

It is unlikely, but it is possible that a glitch occurred in the Android operating system. To fix the problem, you must restart the phone or tablet. Practice says that such a simple solution can help.

Set the exact time

Now proceed to a little more complex solutions. If root-rights are not installed on your device, the first thing you should do is set the exact time.

To do this, go to the “Date and Time” subsection in the settings of your device. Here, find the item “Network Date and Time” and synchronize the time with the network. Do not forget to turn on the Internet.

After that, check if Google Play is working.

Remove Freedom Correctly

If you use a program like Freedom, you need to remove it correctly, because it can edit the hosts file. To correctly remove Freedom, you need to click on the Stop button in time. That is, reinstalling and correctly removing the application will solve this problem.

Clean the hosts file

If even after uninstalling Freedom or a similar program that has access to the hosts file, the Market still doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t matter, you can edit the hosts file yourself. To do this, you will need root rights that are already on your device, otherwise the hosts file could not be edited. The same problem can occur after using programs to get root. However, this is not so important.

So, to edit the hosts file, we need any file manager, for example, ES Explorer. We open the device, grant it superuser rights and follow the address: System – etc. In this folder we find the hosts file, here it is:

Next, click on it and open it in some text editor. We edit the file so that only the top line remains localhost. Delete everything else, including various web and ip addresses.

Be sure to save the changes. Trying to launch Google Play.

Reset Google Play Market

We do this. We go to the “Applications” section and find the Google Play Market application here. We go into it and click on the button “Clear cache” and / or “Clear data”.

After that, it is advisable to reboot the device.

Reset Google Play Services

Do the same with the Google Play Services service:

And reboot the device again. You can clear the data in both applications and only after that restart the smartphone or tablet.

Delete and restore your Google Play Market account

This is not at all difficult to do. If you remember, our site has already managed to talk about deleting a Google account from the device, while the account itself is not deleted – this is important.

After deleting the profile, reboot your device. If Google Play works, you will again have to enter the information for your account (username and password).

About reinstalling Google Play

It is believed that reinstalling the Google Play Market may help. Some users claim this really helps. And everything would be fine, but it’s not clear where to download the Google Play service.