HiVoice Huawei: what is this application?

Wandering around the “Applications” section of your smartphone, you can find a lot of interesting things, especially if you turn on the display of built-in applications. On Huawei smartphones, we discovered the HiVoice app. What is this application and what is it for?

Huawei has its own voice assistant – it allows you to recognize voice commands. You can, for example, set up a quick call to subscribers from the notebook – voice.

Here is the HiVoice system application:

To enable voice assistant, go to “Settings” using the desktop icon.

Find the Management section.

Tap on the line “Voice control”.

All necessary HiVoice permissions must be provided, otherwise the application simply will not work.

Click on the item “Quick call”.

Turn on “Quick call” using the switch.

Now, when the screen is off, just press and hold the volume down button so that a signal sounds after which you can call the caller from the list of contacts.