How do I know which country the iPhone is made for?

Some iPhone models have never been officially delivered to Russia. For example, the very first iPhone, also called iPhone 2G. Therefore, all tubes were imported from other countries, including Europe and America..

In the future, the company officially entered our market. Despite this, on sale you can find iPhone from other countries – they are usually cheaper. In addition, they are imported if the premiere of a new generation of iPhone took place, and official sales begin only after a few months.

Be that as it may, such devices are in demand. Is it possible to determine exactly from which country the iPhone arrived, especially if the seller does not want to say this or is confused in the “testimony”? You can, and make it very easy..

We take the iPhone in our hands, on the desktop we find the “Settings” application.

In the settings we find “Basic”.

Next, click “About this device”.

We find the item “Model”. We see this:

In this case, we are interested in two letters following the numbers (highlighted in the screenshot above) – they mean the country for which the iPhone is intended. In the example, the letters LL mean a device for the American market.

And here is the list of binding to countries (main countries):

AB – United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt

B – UK and Ireland

BZ – Brazil

C – Canada


CR – Croatia

CZ – Czech Republic

D, DM – Germany

DN – Austria, Germany, Netherlands

E – Mexico

EE – Estonia

FD – Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

FB – France

GR – Greece

HN – India

J – Japan

KN – Denmark and Norway

KS – Finland and Sweden

LA – Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Salvador, Ecuador

LE – Argentina


LT – Lithuania

LV – Latvia

LZ – Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay

MG – Hungary

NF – Belgium, France

PL – Poland

PO – Portugal

PP – Philippines

RO – Romania

RR / RS – Russia

SL – Slovakia

SO – South Africa

T – Italy

TU – Turkey

TA – Taiwan

X – Australia

X – New Zealand

Y – Spain

ZA – Singapore

ZP – Hong Kong and Macau

Of course, you can use online services on the Internet to help you find out the country for sale in which the smartphone was created. But this is not necessary, because all the information is in front of you. In addition, often such services require you to specify the IMEI of the phone, which we do not recommend.