How to block a contact (number) on an Android phone?

If the phone number is in some database, write it is lost – they will start calling with offers to invest in all kinds of financial pyramids, free courses in a beauty salon, etc. What to do? Block such phone numbers! There is no guarantee that spammers will not call from other numbers, but at least something. But here’s how to do it, we will now show.

The first example is based on Huawei / Honor.

Open the Phone app.

See the latest calls. Opposite the number you want to block, there is an icon – tap on it.

Press the button in the form of three dots to display the menu. In the menu, select “Blacklist”.

Number blocked.

On Samsung smartphones, this is no harder to do. Open the Phone app.

Choose a number to block by tapping on it.

Click on the “Details” button.

Click on three points.

The “Block number” button appears – tap on it.

Confirm Lock.

The number has been blocked..

In a similar scenario, locking works on other Android smartphones..