How to calibrate the battery on an Android phone?

At some point, a smartphone or tablet can begin to discharge much more quickly than before. Our site has already managed to tell about why the device starts to run out quickly. If nothing helps you, do not rush to run to the service and change the battery to a new one, it is quite possible that you just need to do a battery calibration.

What is battery calibration in a phone or tablet?

Battery calibration is a measurement of capacity and, roughly speaking, editing a battery. As a result of calibration, the battery is used more efficiently and its service life can be significantly increased..

Signs that the battery requires calibration

  • A long charge of the device, for example, not a couple of hours as before, but 4-5 hours.
  • Significantly shorter device runtime on a single charge.
  • Even with a long charge, the indicator does not want to show 100% charge.
  • The device turns off when there is no power, although you do not receive any signals from the battery indicator.

If you encounter this kind of trouble, it makes sense to try to calibrate the battery. However, initially it is worth considering other options. Here’s a life example: the user updated his smartphone over the air to a new version of the firmware, which had just been released for his device. After the update, he noticed that the smartphone began to discharge quickly. In this case, the problem arose precisely because of the firmware, because after a couple of days an additional update was released that solved the problem of quick discharge. These are the cases that need to be taken into account..

If you still decide to calibrate, let’s talk about it..

Manual calibration

In this case, no third-party applications are used, only the device itself and charging are needed. Root, that is, superuser rights, is also not needed.

  • The device needs to be completely discharged.
  • Then start charging it on for 8 hours.
  • Turn off the device and continue to charge it for another 2 hours.
  • Disconnect the device from charging, turn it on for 2 minutes, turn it off and reconnect to charging. This time charge 1 hour.
  • Calibration finished, turn on the device.

Software Calibration

This option is suitable if you have installed root-rights on the device. Download the Battery Calibration app from the Google Play Market, install and launch.

At the first start, you need to provide root-rights, otherwise the application will not work.

And here is a further instruction, which is not mentioned everywhere:

  • Connect the device to the charger.
  • Wait until it charges up to 100%.
  • Click Battery Calibration.

  • Disconnect the charger.
  • Discharge your device before turning it off.
  • Charge it to 100% without interruption.

In fact, the application deletes the system file batterystats.bin, and then the system automatically generates a clean file. Any old information that could cause the battery to work incorrectly will be missing from this file..