How to change language on iPhone or iPad?

Imagine that you got an iPhone, say, in English. Someone will say – what’s wrong here? And he will use the smartphone just like that. This does not suit others, and they ask how to change the language to Russian. It is not as difficult as it seems..

Locate the Settings icon on the desktop of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (the instruction is suitable for all these devices), click on it.

You will see a menu. From the menu, select the General section..

On the next page you will see menu sections such as Date & Time, Keyboard, etc. We are interested in one section and it is called Language & Region. Select him.

Now click iPhone Language. If you have, say, an iPad, then in the menu the section will be called not iPhone Language, but iPad Language.

You are taken to a page with a choice of language. Select the desired language by simply tapping on it.

Then confirm the selection by tapping on the Change to [Language] button (instead of Language, the language will be indicated, for example, Russian or French, as in our example).

After that, a desktop will be displayed where all the main points will be displayed in your chosen language.