How to change the keyboard to Honor or Huawei?

On early smartphones from Huawei and Honor, the proprietary Huawei Swype keyboard was used, and after that – SwiftKey. The keyboard is used by default, but it can be easily changed if desired. On what? But it already depends on your personal preferences.

First you need to decide on the keyboard, so open the Play Market.

Search for the word “keyboard” (without quotation marks).

In front of you you will see a list of applications for every taste. Which one to install, you decide.

We will use the keyboard from Google as an example..

The keyboard is installed, what to do next? Go to the Settings app.

Select System.

On the next page, click on the line “Language and input”.

If your system interface is different, use the menu search for the word “language” (without quotes).

The “Default Keyboard” item is exactly what we need. Click on it.

Choose a different keyboard.

The keyboard has been changed.

Open any application that requires input..

And make sure the keyboard has been changed.