How to change the SMS center number on an Android phone?

In rare cases, users need to change or configure the SMS center number, because if it is incorrect, then SMS messages simply will not be sent. How to set up SMS center number on Android smartphone? Now show.

Our example uses a Huawei / Honor smartphone. As far as we know, on most other smartphones this process does not differ much, including on Samsung devices.

On the desktop, find the “Messages” application icon and tap on it.

Click on the “More” button to open the menu, and then select “Settings”.

Tap on the “Advanced” button.

Here, of course, select the line “SMS-center number”.

Change SMS center number.

Please note that to change the number of the SMS center, the SIM card must be installed in the smartphone. And be careful when changing the number, because an error even in one digit will lead to the fact that SMS will not be sent.