How to check for broken pixels on the phone?

Alas, broken pixels are found even on new devices, to say nothing about used ones that need to be carefully checked. Checking the device for broken pixels is not difficult at all. There are several different solutions..

Screen Testing with Built-in Functions

On some smartphones, in particular, on Samsung devices, a special menu for testing functions and the screen is supported. In order to launch the menu, you need to open the “Phone” application and type the command * # 0 * #, after which you will see a menu on the screen.

There are buttons like Red, Green, Blue and Black. As you might have guessed, they mean the color scheme. So, by clicking on Red, the screen will turn red.

This function allows you to check the screen for dead pixels. And different colors are needed for a full check, because, say, on a black screen you don’t look at a broken pixel, but on green you will see it.

Application Verification

There are many applications in the Play Market that allow you to check the screen. One of them is called Screen Test..

Go to the Market, download it and run.

Tap on the screen and get a variety of colors and pictures that allow you to fully inspect the screen for broken pixels.

Downloading pictures to a smartphone

Another simple way. Take a bright color picture, download it to your device and open it (you can put it on your desktop). If there is a broken pixel, you can see it. It is recommended that you upload pictures of different colors for a more accurate check. In some cases, if a drawing application is installed on the device, simply fill the drawing with the desired color.