How to clear the history in the browser on the phone?

We all use Internet browsers. On mobile operating systems, they differ little from those used on home computers. “Mobile” browsers also allow you to save your browsing history. Can this very story be deleted? Of course.

Google chrome

Let’s start with the most popular mobile browser..

Launch Google Chrome and on the right side of the screen click on the button in the form of three dots.

A menu will appear. In it, select “History”.

Here you will see a list of visited sites. At the bottom of the window there is a “Clear History” button. Tap on her.

A new window will open and you will be asked to delete not only the browsing history, but also cookies, cache, etc. Check the box next to “View History” (if necessary, with other items) and click “Clear”.

History of visits is cleared.

Yandex browser

Another extremely popular browser.

Launch the browser and click on the button in the form of three dots.

A menu appears. In the menu, select “Settings”.

In the settings we find the item “Clear data” and tap on it.

We put a check mark next to the “History” item to clear views, and if necessary, select other items, and click on the “Clear data” button.

History is cleared.