How to close the application on an Android phone?

If you just became the owner of a phone or tablet based on the Android operating system, then you probably still don’t know much about its work. For example, do you know how to close an application? No? Then you came to the address.

It would seem that the application should automatically close when returning to the desktop. In fact, this is not at all correct, because if you want to return, say, to the game, you will need to download it again. Therefore, to close the application, you must resort to completely different actions.

First way

Look carefully at your device. There are buttons at the bottom of the screen or at the bottom of the frame. They look something like this:

By clicking on the button highlighted in red, you will see a list of running programs. To close the application, tap on it and drag it to the right or left side. Thus, the application will be closed. Some devices have a separate touch key that allows you to close all open applications at once.

If you do not see a button for opening running applications on your device, then it is assigned to another key. For example, on the Samsung Galaxy you need to press and hold the Home button for a second, and on Meizu devices you need to swipe next to the central button from the bottom up.

Second way

You can close the application using the operating system settings. We do this.

Find the “Settings” icon on the desktop and click on it. You will be in the settings menu.

Find the “Applications” section and open it.

You will see the applications installed on the device in front of you. Select the desired one and tap on its icon.

Once on the application page, click on the “Stop” button.

The application is closed, nothing more is required of you to do.

Third way

There is another option – this is the use of third-party applications that allow you to close applications on the device. To do this, you need the ES Task Manager or Advanced Task Killer application. Install the application using Google Play, and then launch it. Here is a list of applications. To close the application, click on the cross next to it.

For our part, we recommend using the first method as the most simple and reliable..