How to connect a mouse to an Android phone?

Today, almost anything can be connected to a smartphone – even a printer, there would be a desire. What can I say about the computer mouse … After connecting, the cursor will be available to you, with which you can work with applications. Is it convenient? Depends on the needs. Be that as it may, here is the instructions for connecting.

Mouse connection via OTG cable

You will need an OTG cable (sold at any hardware store). The likelihood that your smartphone does not support OTG technology is extremely small, but still there is one – take this into account.

The cable in our example:

We have micro USB, we also have a cable that supports USB Type-C.

Connect the cable with one side to the smartphone, connect the mouse to the other – something like this:

After a second or two, the cursor appears on the screen. Actually, everything, you can get to work.

Bluetooth wireless mouse connection

Find the button on your mouse to pair with another device.

Open the “Settings” on your smartphone.

Go to the section with connections.

Choose a Bluetooth connection.

Turn on bluetooth. The device search begins immediately.

The mouse is found. Click a row to pair.

Mouse connected.

Desktop cursor.

Everything works great.