How to connect Android to computer via USB?

Thousands of users become owners of Android smartphones and tablets every day. Some of them may have certain problems when working with the device. For example, a user decided to connect a smartphone to a computer via a USB cable. He connects the device and … And nothing happens. At the same time, the necessary drivers are installed, the device is accurately connected, but it does not appear at all in the computer. The traditional question is what to do.?

Ideally, the user should see something like this, where the device is connected as a device for storing data:

In this case, it will be recognized and you will see the contents of your device on the computer. In addition, if you click on the connection mode, you will see an additional menu of connection methods:

On the computer, in turn, the startup window for the device appears:

What to do if the computer does not see the device?

Alas, there is no single advice, but we will try to understand the situation and consider possible solutions to the problem.

The very first thing you should do is reboot the device. The author of these lines periodically encounters such a problem and it is solved precisely by rebooting the device. Most likely, there is some malfunction in the system. If there is more recent firmware for your device, be sure to update it, this may help.

The next step is a thorough inspection of the USB cable. It is possible that it is damaged. If possible, try connecting the device with a different USB cable. If this works, then the problem is in it..

Connect the device to another USB port. Some of them may not work or work incorrectly..

If you see the connection mode on the device, click on this item and try to choose a different type of connection, for example, not a media device, as in our case, but a USB drive. This can help.

Without disconnecting the device from the computer, try disconnecting and enabling USB debugging several times in a row. If this works, you will hear a distinctive sound in the speakers, and an autoplay window will appear on the computer screen. Try also just disabling USB debugging..

Particular attention should be paid to drivers, since for some devices you will have to install them yourself. In some cases, you have to install drivers from completely different devices – in more detail about the drivers for a particular device you can find on the thematic forums.

If all else fails, try connecting the device to another computer. If another computer sees it, it means that the problem is in your computer and, possibly, in the drivers. If the other computer did not see the device, it means that the matter is either in the cable, or in the device itself, or in the USB port. And be sure to update the firmware version, if possible.


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