How to connect the phone to the TV via USB?

If you have a modern TV and you look at the back or side of its case, you will see a large number of various ports, among which there will certainly be a USB port. Since there is a USB port, it means that you can connect other devices to it. Android smartphone is no exception.

True, there are some nuances here that you need to know about. The fact is that not all TVs are able to recognize the phone as a USB flash drive (drive), which means that if you want to watch a movie downloaded to your phone, it will not be possible. Moreover, this method does not work even if you transfer the device to other modes. If this is your case, the maximum you can do is look at the photos taken on your phone or just charge it. However, everything can be exactly the opposite – you need to check in action.

What is needed?

It will take three things.


Android smartphone.

USB cable (you charge your smartphone with it).

What needs to be done?

Take the cable, insert it into the USB port, which is located in the TV. It looks like this:

There may be several USB ports on the TV.

The other side, connect the cable to the USB port of the smartphone. When the devices are connected, your mobile gadget will give a charge signal. This is a good sign.

Now turn on the TV. If it is already on, take the remote control and click on the Source button on it, then select the connected phone.

When using an earlier version of Android in a smartphone, you can immediately see the file system of the smartphone, which indicates that the connection was successful.

In more recent Android (6.0 and above), you first need to unlock the display and confirm the connection. Example – based on a Huawei / Honor smartphone.

Immediately after connecting the device, a selection should appear on the screen, in this case, select “File transfer” if you need the file system of the smartphone, that is, you want, for example, to watch a video.

If you want to see only a photo, feel free to choose “Transfer Photos”.

If nothing appears, swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom, then click on the line “USB Charging”.

A menu appears with a choice of action:

What to choose, you decide according to the circumstances. If you don’t know, select “File Transfer” – you won’t be mistaken..

And if the smartphone’s file system appears in front of you, I can only congratulate you.