How to copy text on an Android phone (smartphone)?

Probably, this article will be interesting to those users who have just started using smartphones based on the Android OS, and therefore do not know about the existence of many functions. So, today we’ll talk about how to copy text on Android devices.

In fact, everything is very simple. Suppose you need to copy some specific text in a browser. To do this, simply tap in the right place and do not remove your finger from the screen for about 1-2 seconds, until you see the following:

See the blue brackets? With their help, you can select the text you want to copy, for this just drag the bracket with your finger, for example:

After the text has been selected, you can copy it. To do this, click on one of the buttons at the top of the screen. Here are the buttons:

  • The first one selects all the text.
  • The second copies the selected text.
  • The third allows you to share the selected text, for example, in VK or send it by e-mail.
  • Fourth Button – Text Search.

Let’s say you copied the text. What’s next? Next, open the file where you copy it. In our case, this is a notepad. Launch the application, press the line with your finger and hold until the menu appears. In the menu, click on the “Insert” button.

Text moved to notepad.

By the way, if possible, then in addition to the Copy button, you will see the Cut button:

So easy and simple to use the capabilities of the Android operating system.