How to create a Google account on Android?

Want to enjoy your Android smartphone? Without a Google account, doing this, let’s say, is not very convenient. Why? You can bind phone numbers to your account, synchronize data, use applications from Google, including the Play Market. If you don’t have a Google account yet, be sure to create one using this simple instruction..

Creating a Google Account through System Settings

Turn on the Internet first, otherwise it won’t work..

Then go to “Settings” using the application of the same name on the desktop.

Find and open the section with accounts added on the device.

The list may be empty, but we already have a couple of added accounts. Add a new account by clicking on the button.

In the list of accounts, select Google.

Click on the not-so-noticeable “Create Account” button.

Choose for whom – ourselves or the child.

We indicate the name and surname.

Date of birth and gender.

We come up with an email address. It must be unique, otherwise the system will not accept it – if one is already used.

If the system accepted the login, think up and enter the password 2 times.

Read the terms of use for your account. If you are satisfied with them, accept them (the button is at the bottom, you need to scroll).

Account has been created.

Specify whether to back up to disk.

Account has been successfully added to the system..

Create a Google Account through the Play Market

There is another option for creating an account, maybe for someone it’s even more convenient and simpler.

Go to the Play Market app.

Click on the “Login” button.

Tap on the line “Create account”.

Choose for yourself or for a child.

Enter your data – first and last name.

Now – gender and date of birth.

Create a unique email address.

Create a password and enter it twice. Remember or write down the password somewhere, but so that only you have access to it.

Read the terms of use for your account. If everything suits you, accept these conditions..

Account has been created.

Specify whether to back up.

Read and accept the terms of use of the Play Market.

The Play Market app’s homepage indicates that the account was successfully created..

And tied to your smartphone.