How to delete a contact on Android?

Today we will talk about deleting contacts on an Android device (phone / tablet). The process itself is extremely simple, but some users, especially those who have not previously encountered the specified operating system, simply do not know how to delete contacts. Let’s start.

An example will be shown on the Samsung Galaxy device, but it doesn’t play any role, since the essence of the removal process does not change at all.

Open Contacts on your device.

Select the desired contact. If you have many numbers, use the contact search. Going to the profile of the specified subscriber, you will see information about him. Open the context menu (the “Menu” button on the front panel of your device) and select the “Delete”.

In addition, you can delete a contact without going to his profile. To do this, click on the contact profile and hold your finger for about a second until the menu appears. In it, click “Delete”.

In order to delete several contacts at once, go to “Contacts”, call the context menu, and then select “Delete”.

Next, check the boxes next to the desired contacts and click on the “Delete” button.

Alternatively, you can use various applications from the Play Market that work with the phone book. Should you use such an application, you decide.

If the contact is not deleted

Some users complain that, they say, deleted the contact, it takes some time and accidentally find the same remote contact. Why? In fact, everything is simple – this is automatic synchronization, in which synchronization with the server occurs when the Internet is connected. Saved (and replaced) including contacts.

To prevent this from happening again, go to the “Google Play Accounts” section on the device itself.

Choose your current account.

Uncheck the contact sync item.

True, to do this is still undesirable in order to avoid loss of contacts. After the specified procedure, when deleting contacts, they will not appear again in your notebook.