How to delete a folder on Android?

Some time ago, our site talked about how to create a folder on a device running Android. You probably remember that you can do this in various ways, depending on the firmware. The same goes for deleting a folder.

For example, take the stock Android 4.4.4. To delete a folder on this version of the operating system, you must click on the folder and, holding down with your finger, pull up to the word “Delete” (on some versions the basket is shown instead of the word “Delete”).

After that, the folder will be deleted from the desktop, but the applications themselves will not be deleted. In the same way, most modern launchers and firmware are configured.

On some firmware, deleting folders in a similar way is impossible at all. This may include Flyme from Meizu or MIUI from Xiaomi. On these firmware, by default, applications are deleted directly from the desktop, similarly to iOS. And in order that the user does not delete anything superfluous, folders cannot be deleted, they can only be disbanded. This means that you just need to remove all applications from the folder to the desktop and when one application remains in it, the folder itself will disappear, leaving behind the icon of the last application.

In the next screenshot you can see that the folder cannot be deleted, it can only be moved.

The above does not apply to all firmware. So, for example, on the Samsung Galaxy, even when you delete all applications from the folder, the latter does not disappear. At the same time, it can be deleted along with application icons.

In general, friends, try it. If in one way you didn’t succeed in deleting the folder from the desktop, try another and everything will work out.