How to delete a Google account on a Xiaomi phone?

If you do not know how to log out of your Google account on a Xiaomi smartphone, then you have come to the address – we know how to do it. Just note that the account itself is not deleted, it is deleted only from the system and, if necessary, you can easily and simply re-attach your smartphone to it.

Open the “Settings” on the desktop.

Select the menu item “Synchronization”.

Here you will see the added accounts, among which will be Google. Tap on her.

At the bottom of the screen there is a button “More”, click on it.

Select “Delete Account”.

Confirm account deletion.

Done, Google account has been deleted from your device..

Remember that when you untie the device, phone numbers will also be deleted if they are linked to a Google account. But if you link the account to the device again, they will be returned to the phone book.