How to delete a Samsung account from your phone?

Samsung smartphones can be tied to the company’s branded service. And if, say, you want to reset the data on your smartphone, you will have to enter the password for your Samsung account. And here a problem appears – many users simply don’t know how to untie this account from the device! And all because they do not remember the password from her. Let’s try to resolve this issue..

Open “Settings” on your smartphone from Samsung.

Go to the section with added accounts. We call it “Cloud and Accounts”, or maybe just “Accounts”.

Click on “Accounts”.

See the line Samsung account, tap on it.

On the account page, click on three dots – this is such a button.

As a result of clicking, the “Delete account” button should appear. As you already understood, you need to click on it.

Confirm the action by tapping on the OK button.

If you know your password, you need to enter it, only many users of the password do not remember. In this case, select the line “Forgot your ID or password?”.

A page will be opened in the browser to restore access. Enter the same email address to which the Samsung account is linked, click “Next”.

You must enter the email to which the account is linked. Click Check Email.

Go to your mail, open the letter and click “Reset Password”.

Enter a new password for the account twice and confirm the reset.


Next, do the same thing that is written above using the settings section to delete the account. After entering the password, the Samsung account will be deleted.