How to delete photos from Android phone?

Of course, it is unlikely that there will be many people among users of Android-based smartphones who would not know how to remove photos from their own device, but we are sure that there are such, especially among those who just got the device in their hands. We will tell you immediately about several ways to delete photos. They are suitable for virtually any Android OS device, regardless of manufacturer, including Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, Xiaomi, etc..

Delete a photo through the gallery (one at a time)

The easiest way to delete a photo is using the Gallery application, which is located right on your desktop.

Open it, if necessary, select a folder. Find the desired photo, click on it and hold until it is highlighted (in some cases, you will see a checkmark on it). After that you need to click on the trash can icon.

Confirm that you want to delete the photo.

Delete photos through the gallery (list)

We do everything in the same way, only this time we select several or all photos – first we tap on one photo and when it is highlighted, we simply select other images by tapping them once. We have highlighted three photos, as indicated by the number 3, highlighted by an arrow.

Now delete using the button in the form of a basket.

Delete photos using the file manager

In this case, you will need a file manager – any to your taste. In our case, we will consider an example based on ES Explorer.

Run FM and select the section. We have two sections Рdevice memory and memory card. Since the folder with photos is in the device’s memory, select this section.

In the section, select the DCIM folder – images made on the phone are usually stored in it.

We go to the specified folder, then to the Camera folder and here we see a list of photos. In our case, there are only two of them, but this does not play a role, since we follow the same scenario as before: select the image and, if necessary, click on other photos, without forgetting to tap the basket button to delete files from the phone.

Delete photos using a computer

You can even delete images using a computer when you connect your device to it..

The action algorithm will be similar to that described for the file manager. Open the internal memory of the device (in your case, it may be a memory card). Enter the DCIM folder here.

Then select the Camera folder.

Here you see the photos. Delete the ones you do not need.