How to disable Alice on an Android phone?

In fresh versions of Yandex.Browser, Alice’s voice assistant is installed by default, with which you can receive answers to queries in the Yandex search engine. In addition, Alice is an intelligent voice assistant that you can even talk to. Not all users, as it turns out, like it, so they ask how to disable Alice in Yandex.Browser on a smartphone.

Open Yandex.Browser.

Click on the button indicated in the screenshot.

A menu will appear, in it select “Settings”.

Find the Voice Opportunities subsection.

Specify “Do not use voice”.

Alice’s icon disappears from the main browser screen.

Another way

It means disabling the rights to record audio in the browser – in this case Alice will not hear you and will not be able to answer the question.

Go to Settings.

Next is the “Applications” section..

Find Yandex.Browser.

On the application page, click on the line “Rights”.

Disable the Microphone Resolution.

Alice’s icon will not go anywhere, but she will not hear you.