How to disable application update on Android?

Surely you have already noticed that when you connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi network, applications begin to update automatically? This is programmed by the Android system. But if you do not like this approach, you can change the settings – applications will stop updating automatically. Is it good? More likely no than yes, because updates often carry patches for “holes”, so updating applications is still necessary, but you can do it manually.

To disable automatic application updates on Android, first you need to turn on the Internet.

Then open the Play Market.

You may also need to enter a username and password from your Google account if your smartphone is not tied to it. If attached, the Play Market main page with applications will immediately open. But they do not interest us in this case – click on the button that we highlighted in the screenshot below.

After that, a menu will open where you need to select “Settings”.

Here, find the line “Auto-update applications” and tap on it.

Choose “Never” and press “Finish”.

Auto update apps disabled.

In addition, you can turn off automatic updates for a particular application. Find this application in the Play Market, you can through the search.

On the application page, click on the button indicated on the screenshot below.

And uncheck “Auto-update”.

To get it like this:

This application will not be updated when connected to the Internet – unlike others. This method only works in cases where you are not going to refuse to automatically update applications.

Video instruction

And to see the list of applications that require updating, select “My applications and games” in the Play Market menu.

Here is a list of applications.

These applications can be updated manually by clicking on the “Update” button..