How to disable developer mode on Android?

Using our site, users already know how to enable developer mode on their Android smartphone. Suppose you decide to turn off this mode and you immediately face the question of how to do this. Why does the question arise?

And here’s why – if the mode itself is turned off, then the corresponding item remains in the settings menu. You can check it yourself: open the “For Developers” mode.

Turn off the mode.

Go back and see exactly the same thing..

To completely disable the developer mode and remove it from the menu, you need to do differently. In the settings menu, find “Applications”.

In this section, find the Settings app and click on it.

Tap “Memory”.

Click Reset or Clear Data.

Confirm by clicking OK.

Video instruction

Most likely, the desktop will open before you. Go to Settings.

And make sure that the “For Developers” mode has been removed from the menu..

That’s right – deleted.