How to disable geolocation on Android?

There is an opinion that the included geolocation on a smartphone consumes battery power. This is true, but only if an application is running that uses geolocation at the current time. If such an application is not running, then there is nothing to spend. But if you still want to disable geolocation, we will show what actions you need to resort to.

Call the curtain and find the “Location Data” icon (may also be called GPS, “Location”, “Location”). Click on her.

The icon changes color, the function is disabled.

The second method is not so convenient. Open the Settings app.

Click on the line “Advanced Settings”.

Then – “Location Data”.

If you can’t find such an item in the menu, use the key to search for “location (s)” (without quotes).

Turn the Location Access switch to the off position..

Now geolocation is disabled. But, you must admit, using the first method is much more convenient and easier..