How to disable pin code on Android phone / smartphone?

Personal Identification Number or PIN is a kind of password. On SIM cards, it is necessary in order to protect access to card data. The owner must know the PIN code and no one else.

Imagine a simple situation: when you turn on the phone or smartphone, you have to enter a PIN code each time and you want to disable this function. Can this be done? Of course, each smartphone or phone has the corresponding functionality. We will show an example on an Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy), although in fact this instruction is suitable for any mobile device.

On the desktop, find the “Settings” icon, tap on it.

Next, find the “Security” section. It is usually located at the bottom of the menu..

Find the “SIM Lock” section here..

See the check mark? It must be removed with a simple click.

However, in order to remove the SIM card lock, you need to enter the current pin code. Enter and click Yes.

SIM card lock is removed, you no longer need to enter a PIN code each time you boot the device or, say, when turning on / off airplane mode.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you do not do this – it’s much safer to use a SIM card with a PIN code.