How to disable safe mode on Android?

In safe mode, all applications installed by the user are disabled on Android devices. For what? If the device does not work as it should, for example, it slows down or even completely freezes, you can make sure whether the application is in the hardware. In addition, safe mode allows you to cope with some types of viruses. In short, a useful thing. But the trouble is, often users turn on this mode by accident, which raises the question of how to exit safe mode.

To begin with, we will show how the smartphone’s desktop looks in normal mode:

And in safe:

The difference is in the presence of labels and the absence of third-party applications on the desktop (they are turned off).

And now for the funniest thing – to remove the safe mode, you just need to … Restart your smartphone! Press the on / off button and wait a second until the menu appears on the screen.

In the menu, select “Reboot”.

If you don’t have such an item, but only the “Shutdown” item, select it.

Just after turning off the device you need to turn it on again.

Video instruction

This works on all smartphones, but on some like Samsung you can do something different.

Safe Mode Enabled.

Call the curtain and click on the message “Safe Mode is On”.

The smartphone will offer a reboot. Agree to this action.

After rebooting, the device will start in normal mode.