How to disable sleep mode on Honor or Huawei?

Some users complain that the Honor or Huawei smartphone goes into sleep mode after only 30 seconds. In fact, this is normal, just such a figure is indicated in the device settings. But you can easily change it at your discretion. How can I do that? That’s how.

Go to Settings.

Open the Screen section.

Here you need the item “Sleep mode”, only it is in our case inactive.

This is due to the fact that the power saving mode is turned on. We return to the main settings menu and click on the line “Battery”.

Turn off the power saving mode.

We return to the “Screen” section and see that the “Sleep mode” item has become active.

We click on it and select the time after which the smartphone will go into sleep mode.

Video instruction

In our example, sleep mode can be completely disabled by selecting “Never”, but as far as we know, this item is not available on all versions of the firmware.