How to distribute the Internet from a phone to a computer, laptop or other phone?

Probably, all smartphones based on the operating system can distribute mobile Internet to other devices, including a computer, laptop, tablet, etc. If you use a computer or laptop, the connection can be either wireless or wired. First, talk about the wired connection.

How to distribute the Internet from phone to computer via USB?

Connect your smartphone to a computer or laptop using a USB cable, then go to the “Settings” of your smartphone.

Tap on the item “More”.

Select the line “Modem Mode”.

Turn on the item “USB-modem”.

Now turn on the mobile Internet. You can do it through the curtain.

Check – the Internet on your computer or laptop should appear. If this did not happen, while you checked that the sites are loading on the smartphone, you probably need to turn on the local network.

Click on the connection icon with the left mouse button, then – “Network and Internet Settings”.

In the window that opens, click “Network and Sharing Center”.

Next, click on the line “Change adapter settings”.

Turn on this network.

This simple process should help..

How to distribute the Internet from phone to computer via Wi-Fi?

Now we’ll talk about how to distribute mobile Internet from your phone wirelessly – other devices can connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Turn on mobile internet on your smartphone.

Open Settings.

Click “More.”.

Select “Modem Mode”.

Tap on the line “Wi-Fi hotspot”.

The access point is off. Until you need to turn it on, let’s better configure it.

In the settings you can specify the network name, type of encryption and, of course, password. After changing the data, be sure to click “Save”.

Go back to the previous page and turn on the access point.

Pay attention to the icon in the status bar – it indicates that the device is distributing Internet.

You can connect from another device. As you can see, the device is available for connection from another smartphone.

To connect, you must specify the password that you specified when you turn on the access point.

After connecting, other devices will be reflected in the list of connected devices.

Here you can disconnect connected devices if necessary.