How to distribute the Internet from the Honor phone?

You have a Honor smartphone. You went to a barbecue somewhere away from the city, taking with you, let’s say, a laptop. How to do so, having at hand a smartphone and laptop so that the latter gets the Internet? Yes, it’s very simple – distribute mobile Internet via Wi-Fi from your smartphone. But how to do this, you will learn from our instructions.

We say right away that the system interface in your case may be slightly different, but this does not change the essence of the process. Go.

Call the curtain and turn on data transfer, that is, mobile Internet.

After that, you can safely open the “Settings” on your smartphone.

Click “More.”.

Or – item “Wireless networks”.

Here select the line “Modem Mode”.

Click on Wi-Fi hotspot.

First you need to configure the access point.

Indicate the name of the network (device), the type of encryption (WPA2 PSK is possible), and also the password is mandatory. Remember it, you will need it soon. Then click on the “Save” button..

After that, you go back one step. And now you can turn on the access point.

The access point works, as indicated by the icon.

As an example, we decided to connect from another smartphone – the network is visible.

We connect to it by specifying the same password.

In the same way, you can connect from a laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled device..