How to enable Alice on an Android phone?

Yandex has a voice assistant Alice, who perfectly recognizes human speech, imitates a dialogue and answers user questions. Of course, with its help you can search the Internet for answers to your questions. To use the voice assistant, you first need to get an application with its support. This application can be, for example, Yandex.Browser. You can download it in the Play Market app store.

Click Install.

When the application is installed, click on the “Open” button in the Play Market.

To enable Alice in Yandex.Browser, tap on the icon indicated in the screenshot below.

The application will ask you to grant him certain rights. In our case, this is access to the location of the device and recording audio.

If Alice works without the first, then without the second – no. What does it mean? Alice simply will not hear you, which means she will not be able to answer your questions. If you provide access to audio recordings, then you can communicate with Alice.

Actually, Alice’s inclusion is over, but there may be nuances – the window on granting rights does not appear, rights are not granted, Alice does not hear you, you do not hear her. In this case, you must grant the rights manually. Don’t worry it’s not that hard.

Open the Settings app.

Find the apps section.

Next, find and open Yandex.Browser.

On the application page, select “Rights”.

Add Microphone rights to the application (you can add other rights if necessary).

Check if Alice is working – now I definitely should hear you.