How to enable Always On Display on a Samsung smartphone?

What is Always On Display and what is it for, we talked about earlier. Recall that this is the functionality of AMOLED displays, which allows you to display some information on the lock screen in sleep mode. Thanks to the special technology of AMOLED displays, Always On Display has almost no effect on battery drain. Samsung is one of the first companies to use this technology on its smartphones. This article is about how to enable AOD on a smartphone from Samsung based on One UI firmware.

Open the “Settings”.

Next, click on the line “Lock Screen”.

Turn the Always On Display switch to the On position, as shown in the screenshot below.

Now Always On Display will work – in standby mode, information will appear on the lock screen. Which one? By default, this is the date, time, battery, notifications, song, if you are listening to music in the player. By the way, notifications are turned on and off separately, you can also add contact information to the screen.

The FaceWidgets item is used to fine-tune information on the lock screen..

AOD shuts down in reverse order.