How to enable and disable airplane mode on an Android phone?

About what is the flight mode on tablets and smartphones based on the Android OS, we talked recently. Recall that this is an offline mode in which all functions that can receive or transmit signals are disabled. These include: primarily cellular communications, then Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. It is not necessary to use this mode in an airplane; it can be activated at any time. For example, do you want no one to pester you with calls in the morning? You can turn on flight mode and no one can reach you.

How to enable airplane mode on your phone?

Actually turning on airplane mode is easier. There are several ways and the easiest way is with a curtain. We make a swipe from the upper frame to the lower one, so that the curtain appears, we find the flight mode in it (usually depicted as an airplane sign) and click on it to activate it.

When airplane mode is on, you will see a notification in the notification panel.

If for one reason or another there is no such mode in the curtain, it does not matter, you can do the same through the device settings. Go to Settings.

Select “More.”.

Check the box next to “Flight Mode”.

We draw your attention to the fact that on some devices this item is called differently. For example, on Samsung Galaxy – offline mode.

However, the essence of this does not change. It is also important to recall that the scheme for switching on the flight mode in your device may be slightly different – it depends on the model of the device.

How to turn off airplane mode on your phone?

Actually, this mode is turned off in the reverse order. First of all, turn off the flight mode from the curtain so that the icon ceases to be activated (in the screenshot it is activated).

After disabling the function, the airplane icon disappears from the notification panel.

If the flight mode has been activated through the settings, go to the settings and disable the function by unchecking.

As you can see, nothing complicated.