How to enable and disable auto-rotate screen on iPhone?

iPhone, like any other modern smartphone, allows you to use the vertical or horizontal orientation of the screen. Why is this needed? For example, you should definitely use a horizontal orientation to watch a movie. As a rule, a vertical orientation is used to read a book. And in general in life, we usually use the vertical orientation of the screen.

By default, any smartphone, including the iPhone, automatically flips the screen when you tilt the case. This can be said such a feature. If you want to lock the screen on your iPhone, make it easy.

Swipe upwards on your device so that the “Control Point” appears. In it you will see the lock icon with an arrow. Click on it.

After that, an icon with an arrow will appear in the status bar at the top of the screen. It means that the screen rotation is currently blocked. No matter how you spin your iPhone in your hands, the screen will not flip over.

It can be done differently, however, it will take a little longer. Locate the Settings app on your desktop and open it.

In the “General” section, check the “Orientation lock” checkbox..

In this case, the auto-rotate screen turns off, that is, the lock is turned on.

As you understand, in order to disable the lock changing the screen orientation, you must do the opposite. Nothing complicated.