How to enable developer mode on Android?

Developer mode is a special mode in the Android operating system that allows you to activate many additional functions that are hidden in a smartphone or tablet. What kind? For example, with its help, you can enable debugging via USB or work with additional display modes.

There is nothing complicated in the process of turning on the mode, however, you should understand that it is necessary to work with some subsections of the mode for developers very carefully, because rash actions can lead to troubles.

First you need to go to “Settings”.

Next – find the section “About phone”, “About tablet” or “About device” (usually located at the bottom of the menu).

Now find here the item “Build number”. On it you need to tap exactly 7 times.

In some cases, it is indicated how many steps are left before enabling the “For Developers” mode. In others, after 7 clicks, the message “You have become a developer” will be displayed. You do not need to click on the item “Build number” anymore.

By the way, on some firmware you need to click 7 times on other items. So, on Xiaomi and MIUI firmware, you need to tap on the item “MIUI version”. But this is an exception.

Is it on? Most likely not – you just displayed the corresponding item in the menu. Open it.

See the switch shown in the screenshot? Move it right.

Confirm the activation of the mode on the smartphone by clicking OK.

Now the “For Developers” mode is on.

Video instruction

You can start working with the mode. For example, you can enable debugging via USB.

A very useful option in some cases. Of course, here are a ton of other settings:

Use them carefully – do not harm your smartphone or tablet!