How to enable / disable power saving mode on iPhone?

The power saving mode has long been used on many Android smartphones. When it is activated, some functions are disabled, and processor performance drops. Yes, the gadget’s speed suffers a little, but battery power is saved. Some manufacturers went further and proposed an ultra battery saving mode, the so-called monochrome mode, when only white, black and gray colors are used. This is true for AMOLED displays, this feature allows you to increase the autonomy of the smartphone several times. Here is an example of monochrome mode:

In Apple, starting with version iOS 9, they also decided to use the power saving mode – this function is already built into the firmware, you can activate it yourself. However, as soon as the battery charge drops to 20%, and then to 10%, the system will notify you of this and offer to turn on the power saving mode (in the screenshot it is called Low Power Mode).

If you want to save battery power longer, you can turn on power saving mode yourself at any time. By the way, this is what happens when you turn on the mode:

  • Some visual effects are turned off..
  • Disable download and update programs.
  • Siri turns off, mail check function.
  • Optimized device performance.

What do you need to do for this? On the desktop, find the “Settings” icon, click on it.

You will see a menu with settings. Find the “Battery” item here and click on it..

On the new page, turn the switch to the “On” position next to “Energy Saving Mode”, as shown in the screenshot.

Nothing more is required of you. If you want to turn off the power saving mode, turn the switch to the “Off” position. Nothing complicated.