How to enable geolocation on Android?

Many applications need to use geolocation to work. You don’t have to go far: take some maps or a navigator – without determining the location, such an application simply will not work correctly! And if you don’t know how to enable geolocation on your smartphone, we will show you what to do.

First way

We will start with the application itself. We launch, for example, Yandex.Maps.

Click on the button “Location”.

And we see a request to enable geolocation. All you have to do is click on the OK button. At the same time, geolocation will become available for other applications (the location can be disabled separately for each application in the “Application rights” section).

Second way

There is another easy way. Call the curtain, find the button “Geolocation”, GPS or “Location data” and click on it.

Function on.

If you press and hold the button, the geolocation settings menu opens. So, here you can choose a location mode. Take a look at the screenshot below – only Wi-Fi and mobile networks are used.

Of course, this option saves battery power, but it only shows the user’s location much less accurately. Better to use the first option – with GPS support.

Video instruction

Third way

What other options are there? Enable geolocation through settings.

Go to “Settings” on the desktop.

Open Advanced Settings.

Select Location Data.

Use the switch to enable functionality.

In our opinion, it is more convenient to use the first or second methods.