How to enable GPS on Android?

Today, almost every smartphone is equipped with a GPS module, and in some cases tablets are also equipped with this module. Thanks to this, the device can be used as a GPS navigator and more. Right now, you’ll learn how to enable the GPS module on Android devices. You can enable GPS in various ways..

The easiest way is to lower the curtain. Here you need to find the GPS icon or “Location Data”, as in our example, and click on it.

See how the icon changed color? This indicates that the feature is enabled..

What else? You can press and hold this button to open advanced location settings. This is what the menu looks like:

Please note that in the example above, the location mode is indicated on Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Yes, it allows you to save battery power, but the accuracy of the location is affected. We advise you to specify all sources for the highest data accuracy. Like this:

You can also view location history here if the feature is enabled by the user..

Video instruction

The second way to turn on GPS is through an application that requires access to your location. Any card is suitable for this – we have from Yandex.

Click on the “Location” button in the application.

We see a request to enable geolocation. You need to click OK to enable.

There is another way – yes, yes. Go to Settings.

Click on “Advanced Settings”.

Tap on the line “location data”.

Turn on GPS.