How to enable incognito mode in Yandex.Browser and Google Chrome on an Android phone?

In this article, we will tell you how incognito mode is enabled in such popular browsers as Google Chrome and Yandex.Browser. Remember that using this mode, you will still be visible when entering sites, however, browsing history, cookies, etc. are not saved for this device. So, how to enable this mode?

Yandex browser

Open app.

Click on the indicated button.

Select “Incognito Tab”.

Done. By the way, in this mode, Android does not allow taking screenshots of the window incognito – this is the policy, you have to use the camera of another device.

Google chrome

Launch browser.

Tap on the button shown in the screenshot in red.

A menu will appear. Select the line “New incognito tab”.


If you call up the quick menu, in it you can see the button for quickly closing all incognito tabs.

As in the case above, the system does not allow creating screenshots of the browser in incognito mode.