How to enable NFC on Android?

NFC helps out a lot – one feature of contactless payment is worth it! Turn on NFC, lean against the terminal, the goods are paid! To say that it is convenient is to say nothing. In addition, NFC can be useful in other cases, for example, for reading information from cards. What, you still do not know how to enable the NFC function on your Android smartphone? We will show what needs to be done for this..

The most convenient use case is with a curtain. Lower the curtain on your device, then find the NFC icon. If it is turned off, it will have this color.

When pressed, the icon changes color, which indicates the inclusion of the function.

Moreover, the NFC icon will be displayed in the status bar.

In general, do not get confused.

The second method is suitable for those cases if for some reason there is no NFC icon in the curtain – this can be. Therefore, open the “Settings”.

Go to the “Connecting a device” section.

Attention! If there is no such item on your smartphone, do not be alarmed, but use the menu search for the word nfc.

Tap on the NFC line.

NFC function disabled.

Click on the switch. Function will be on.

Video instruction

Just in case, look at the status bar.

The icon has appeared, the function is on.