How to enable OTG on an Android phone?

Using OTG technology (stands for On The Go), you can connect various devices to your smartphone. For example, you can connect a mouse or a memory card. Both that and another should work, but only on condition that the smartphone supports OTG. Fortunately, almost all modern touch devices support this technology. Question – how to use OTG, how to enable this feature?

But you don’t need to turn it on, just connect the device to your smartphone. For this you need an OTG cable. In our example, micro USB, but there are also USB Type-C versions on sale. Here is ours:

We take a smartphone, on one side we connect an OTG cable to it, and a device to the other side of the cable. Let there be a memory card for example.

OTG is supported by the device – we immediately see the following message on the screen:

Open any file manager, see the memory card.

We open it, after which we work with files on a flash drive – nowhere is easier.

Video instruction

But what if you need to connect another device, for example, a mouse? Act in the same way, only connect a mouse instead of a flash drive.

The cursor appears one second after connecting the mouse..

That’s how OTG just works.